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  • Supporting the activities of Polish, Czech and Slovak borderline government authorities, with particular focus on development and mobilization of rural areas.

  • Promoting and development of physical education and tourism for people with disabilities.

  • Bringing down all barriers, that prevent normal functioning of the disabled.

  • Leading and support of research and development activities related to facilitating disabled peoples’ lives.

  • Inspiring rehabilitation activities and creating multidimensional forms of rehabilitation of these people, in order to motivate them for the most extended possible life, professional and social activity,

  • Promoting of history and regional culture of Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

  • Promoting Polish Army’s history, promotion of civic responsibility, defense and State security.

  • Assisting young people with entering the labor market, reemployment of permanently unemployed individuals and the disabled, promoting cross-border mobility for work.

  • Creating conditions for shaping the development of an individual as a spiritual, psychological and intellectual whole, functioning in given social condition, through education, employment, reemployment and entrepreneurship.

  • Integrating local communities of border areas around the problems of youth, the disabled, prevention of social exclusion and aid to the needy.

  • Integrating of local communities around efficient social problems solving, discrimination and hate speech prevention, development of civil society.

  • Promoting and development of regional professions.

  • Increasing of mountain security through creation of groups for medical and ski rescue services.

  • Promoting usage and wide spreading of renewable energy sources.

  • Eco-minded activities.

  • Promoting of passive building.

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