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Julia Grygny

DSC_0671 (2)It’s difficult to resume yourself in a couple words… because there are two elements fighting inside me :). I adore mountains but I don’t disregard the plains neither. I like: lone wanderings, because then my thoughts can wander somewhere around the green meadows, I like franc and honest people, I like to see the smile on other person’s face. I despise… empty promises. Why voluntary work? Because I believe that at least a tiny part of what I do makes this world a little bit better.”


Adam Sporek

2I note that we didn’t find ourselves in this group by accident. We have a lot in common. Like the majority of us I love mountains. Especially their beauty and the changing nature by the seasons. I like listening to the creek humming, the blow of the wind, I like the frost biting my cheek and warm rays of sun on a clear day. I enjoy regional cuisine „kwaśnica is fundamental”. In my mountain wanderings I am often accompanied by Diana, my tireless four-legged friend. I joined the foundation to gain new experiences and to support others. My devise is „Together we can do more”.

Michał Hutyra

Michał HutyraI’m a boy from the glade, I grew up on cheese and butter…” – a part of a „ditty” from Beskid Żywiecki that describes me perfectly. Grew up in Beskid Żywiecki – the center of Foundation’s activities, folklore loving, wanting to see what can’t be seen, discover what is undiscovered, understand what is beyond reason and while doing all that not to go crazy and keep following the paths of voluntary work.


Agnieszka Podeszwa

3Mountains are my love, my passion which I eagerly share with others. I like to greet people on the trail with a smile, a word, a hello. I’m a collector of sunrises and sunsets, of everything that’s volatile. A highlander girl without a braid but with red pearls and a stubborn character instead.”



Mariusz Klimek

13460989_1343201412363110_837429996_o (2)Journeys near and far aren’t foreign to me, mountains and water are my elements. I dislike separating myself from them just like from sports. I have the ability to cherish every moment, which I record in my camera’s memory. I like getting to know people and looking inside their souls to discover something that they themselves can’t see. Thanks to the foundation I have it all in one bit and the people who are here teach me love, joy and faith in other people.”


Barbara Pijet

DSC_0912 — kopiaI love sunrises and sunsets, gazing into the starry sky at night fills me with wonder. Lower and higher mountains are my passion, in the mountains I feel great, I conquer new peeks, I overcome my weaknesses, I learn humbleness. I enjoy a lot the contact with people and nature, it is there that I can calm down and charge my battery for the following days. Mountain wanderings and long walks with my four-legged friend give me a lot of joy. My second “love” is cycling. The bicycle means hundreds kilometers, millions of memories, thousands of adventures, fantastic people, marvelous places. Why volunteer work? It is a need of the heart and sharing your passions with others”.

Izabela Jakubowska

13410722_1343256095690975_898139955_o (2)I like basking in the sun, listening to birds singing, blue sky, sung poetry, hiking and fast roller-blading. I should be called „curiosity”, because I’m always there where something is happening. Of course I also posses defects….I adore having a long sleep! It’s been years that I’m friends with “The Little Prince”. Why am I in Frontier without Barriers? It’s simple, because: „One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.”



Anna Kuźmińska

13467717_1343201519029766_1171281151_oI’m rarely bored. When I need to move I choose a bike and when I need some rest from work I opt for a mountain trail. In order to charge my battery and feel happy – a conversation with another person is enough. I like experiencing new things, I like to think, understand, read, discover. I like taking action. In order to give meaning and beauty to actions, it is worth doing things with other people for other people. The Foundation gives me such a possibility.”


Żaklina Hołowacienko

13617521_1096275803744564_1157769377_nLazybones, sleepyhead and a gourmand 🙂 That’s the shortest way to describe me. And why voluntary work? Because volunteers, just like our tutees, are great people who teach me a lot, because we have good time together – every meetup is full of joy and smiles. These moments are always unforgettable to us”.



Agnieszka Pocielej

1398862_1738226239729850_4114433602287120439_oI would like to be an angel on earth who reaches to the sky with his wings for these people. The foundation reminds me of times when I used to be fit. The disease shows me that I have to demand more from myself. In order to confront my own weaknesses. The mountains are for me like a light breeze and give me the strength flowing from nature.”



Justyna Baucz

DSC_0901 (2)Something about me? Here you are – I’m a poor interlocutor… supposedly I even speak too little. On the flip side, I’m a better listener and observer. I like spending my free time far from the hustle and bustle of a city, preferably in contact with nature, on a mountain trail or on a bicycle. Why voluntary work? Because dedicating a little bit of our time, we can receive a priceless lesson in exchange – about life, ourselves, relationships and experiences, sorrows and joys, because everyone without exception has had a journey in their lives, behind every person there is a story. You only need to listen carefully.”

Krzysztof Mikłasz

12745729_959858417418210_1388005991176903210_nOnce I saw the movie „Into the wild”, and the words that got particularity engraved in my memory were: „ Happiness is only real when shared”. Wisdom, that this simple sentence contains gave me a lot to thing about. I joined the foundation not only in order to share happiness but above all to serve others, to hike together, to pass on the optimism…. The mountains are my passion, I love everything that is connected to them, beautiful landscapes, long hikes, stories of people met on the trail. All that together gives me a lot
of joy and allows me to fully enjoy life.„

Agnieszka Pilorz

12891680_1747412958811178_311085803820939947_o“I’m a happy mother of a six years old Martynka. I look at the world through rose-colored spectacles. I like hiking in a good company. Who knows me knows that hot coffee and fine chocolate can’t be missing on the trail. I’m a collector of beautiful mountain views …good that the film in my camera isn’t already 36! When the weather holds me back at home I knit (the queue for “knitted” turtles has reached Sosnowiec already). It isn’t hard to guess that my biggest passion are water pipes – „who knows, knows”. I’m in the foundation because I realize perfectly well that the good you do always comes back with a hundredfold force.”

Dawid Wawrowicz