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Geopark Glinka in Ujsoły is a sports and recreation complex offering various forms of active leisure: high ropes courses, outdoor swimming pool, cycling paths, playground, beach volleyball ground, zip line, natural and artificial climbing walls. Some of the attractions can be successfully used by individuals with disabilities. Trained instructors as well as our volunteers can assist.

Location: Glinka 4 , 34-371 Ujsoły, web page: www.geopark.com.pl

Zip line

A ride 30 meters above an abyss! During the ride some admire the bird’s eye view of the quarry, others focus on the speed which accompanies this attraction. 220 meters long – it is the longest zip line in the region – which guarantees unforgettable experiences and adrenaline rush! Individuals with disabilities can use the zip line on their own or assisted.

Climbing walls

Two outdoor artificial walls (17m and 12m) of varied difficulty level, beautifully placed, giving impression of natural climbing walls. How about trying climbing? It is a great opportunity to verify your fitness level but as well a chance to overcome your weaknesses such as fear of heights or space. Experienced instructors will carry out the training, provide professional equipment and will surely encourage you to try more challenging routes. Both, lead and top-rope climbing are possible on the walls. Difficulty levels are suitable for amateurs as well as professional climbers.

High ropes courses

High ropes course for adults consists of three difficulty levels with 37 obstacles which sometimes turns out to be quite a challenge. High ropes course for children is composed of two difficulty levels with 12 obstacles – overcoming them will surely make the youngest happy. Individuals with disabilities can as well use the high ropes courses assisted by an instructor.