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Information about marked trails and tourist trails which are accessible to individuals with impairments. Presented trails have been verified in terms of their accessibility to individuals with various disabilities.


The trail was marked as a trail for visually impaired and partially sighted people. The trail starts at the Glinka pass, follows the frontier trail through Krawców Wierch to Rysianka and descends to Złatna Huta. Alternatively, it is possible to descend from Krawców Wierch through the „small loop” via a wide mud dirt road to the Glinka pass. Distance of the trail: 22 km. Tactile relief map showing the course and the topography of the trail is located at the starting point.

Location: Commune of Ujsoły


Presented trails have been verified by a person using an electric wheelchair.

Beskid Żywiecki Mountais

Ujsoły – Danielka Valley (asphalt road accessible to electric and standard wheelchairs).

Soblówka – Church – Wielki Smereków (openwork paving slabs road)

Glinka – Kubiesówka – yellow trail, road paved with openwork slabs, quite steep, trail accessible to electric wheelchairs.

Milówka -Imperial Road – Węgierska Górka – easy trail, accessible to standard and electric wheelchairs.

Beskid Śląski Mountains

1. Kubalonka – Stecówka. The trail can be used by standard wheelchair (mountain shelter is not accessible) asphalt road.

2. Wisełka Biała – Biała Wisełka Valley
Asphalt road, the trail can be completed by both, electric and standard wheelchairs.

3. Fragments of Cygański Las in Bielsko Biała in direction of Kozia Góra – for electric wheelchairs only