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Foundation for support of social initiatives “Frontier Without Barriers” was founded in the aim of overcoming obstacles that irritate us all!

Which ones? First and foremost we want to:

  • support and mobilize people with disabilities,
  • promote and develop our region, and also integrate the closest surroundings,
  • help young people to find suitable and satisfying work.

We operate as a foundation since 2014. However our ideas started maturing long before. The foundation’s creator, ­ Bogumił Kanik, initiated an innovative Polish-Slovak project started in 2013 „Frontier without Barriers”. The main aim of this undertaking was to break down obstacles for visually impaired and to make mountain tourism possible for them. Marking of a specifically adapted trail benefited not only to the people with disabilities but also to the able-bodied ones. We should also see in this a unique way of promoting the region.

In 2014 the Foundation concentrated on what is the most important – rising awareness of the problems we want to solve and learning from the experience of others. In this aim we conducted a series of meetings between volunteers and visually impaired from France and Poland.

2015 is for us the time for training and working on our internet website within the project „Okno na świat” (“Window on the world”) and implementation of a big project under the name „Być dla innych to być naprawdę” (“Be for others is to be for real”). The aim of the second project is to create the conditions for cycling as well as mountain tourism for visually impaired children and youth, and that, among others, thanks to innovative devices and an application which was successfully used in other parts of the world.

This is only a beginning. We are a group of people strongly oriented towards bringing positive change to the world which surrounds us, therefore already today we are working on new project and partnerships.

Foundation’s details:
KRS: 0000500007
NIP: 547 214 97 23
REGON: 243495878

Bank account:
Multibank: 80 1140 2017 0000 4002 1307 0058

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